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2018 Hall of Fame

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Jon Beasley

Jon has been part of the industry for over 40 years. In 1992, Jon started a statewide training and safety program for 52 electric municipalities in 4 different states. He also developed a federal department of labor lineworker apprentice program, a ground man school and an advanced lineman program as well.  Jon has always had a passion for the lineman rodeo and in 1993, Jon and two other Georgia Power employees started the first Georgia Lineman Rodeo in Perry, Georgia. In the year 2000 Jon and Was instrumental in helping start The APPA Lineman’s Rodeo where he served as Master Judge until 2014. 

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Alan Katz

Alan Katz began his career in 1975 in Mitchell, South Dakota. Alan has held many titles throughout the years being a lineman, a foreman, and also an operational Supervisor. His career has given him the opportunity to train lineman and engineers in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and even here in Colorado. Alan has dedicated 30 years to the Colorado Springs Utility Company and is well respected for his leadership, teaching, and his mentorship to young lineman. Alan says his favorite job in the industry was being a lineman and a foreman with his “boots on the ground.”

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Ed Kearney

Ed Kearney’s career began in 1949 with Southern California Edison. He started out as a groundsman and worked his way up the chain to Operations Manager before retiring in 1988.  Throughout his career, Ed strives to prioritize training and safety for all the employees and management with Southern California Edison. He was well known for his excellence in character, personal responsibility, integrity, and professionalism.  In his 39 years of working in the industry, Ed left footprints on every center he worked at and his solid example left an imprint on the minds of those who aspire to follow in his steps to management. 

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Jody Shea

Jody Shea has 38 years’ experience in the industry and he started with The Collier Construction Company in Stronsville, Ohio where he supervised all phases of transmission line projects. During his career, Jody has shined in every position he has held from field supervisor to Senior Vice President. Jody has continuously raised the standards by providing professionalism, work safety and steady employment for all employees. Jody is known among his peers for his caring personality that extends to everyone from entry level positions to company executives. He has been a mentor to many and has pushed everyone to “better themselves daily and to set the bar high.”

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JD Thompson

J.D. Thompson’s career began in 1963 in Jacksonville, Florida. You may know him for his heroic action that took place on July 17, 1967, where he saved the life of  fellow lineman, Randall Champion. Randall was working on a pole and was electrocuted. J.D. who was also working on a pole 400 feet away sprang into action, ran over and climbed up the pole to Mr Champion who was unconscious, and began CPR. Thanks to J.D.’s quick thinking and his safety training, Randall Champion survived. During all of this, Rocco Morabito, a local photographer, with the Jacksonville Journal captured the image of J.D. giving CPR to Randall. This image went on to win the 1967 Pulitzer Prize for spot photography, dubbing the image “The Kiss of Life.” J.D. retired in 1994 after devoting 30 years to the industry.  Though he began as a lineman he advanced to hold the titles of Safety Officer and Division Chief for the 24-hour trouble center in Jacksonville. J.D. is admired for his leadership and his knowledge of safety, training and will always be remembered as the hero for giving the “Kiss of Life.”  

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