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    The Memorial Garden includes a nine foot tall, black, solid piece of granite with the names of the Hall of Fame Inductees inscribed within the stone. The monument is located outside of the International Lineman’s Museum. The garden includes
a large ‘Town Clock’, a memorial ‘Tear Drop’ and brick pavers inscribed with the names of donation contributors. Individual Brick Pavers can be purchased in honor of, in memorial of, or in recognition of any individual for a tax deductible contribution of as little as fifty dollars. Corporate bricks can be purchased for a contribution minimum of one-hundred dollars.

     It is our sincerest wish that you participate to any degree you may choose. Help recognize those who have made a difference within our industry or compliment those individuals you admire, remember, or respect by purchasing individually personalized brick pavers leading to the Memorial Garden for all visitors to see.

The Memorial Garden

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