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Terry J. Killday

The International Lineman Museum is saddened to report the passing of a fellow Hall of Famer Terry J. Killday.  Terry began his career in the line industry in 1959 and is still active today. Terry has a family tradition in the industry with over 500 years of service between the family including his father and more than 30 family members that are brothers, cousins, and nephews. Terry has made his own mark in this industry. He has been a journey lineman for approximately 55 years and has served as line foreman and superintendent for more than half of that time. Everyone that knows Terry has the same thing to say about him; “He has been a premium example of professional and dedicated work ethic, a valued colleague, and a great friend to have.” Please keep his family, friends and the Lineman community in your thoughts and prayers.


Preserving the history of lineman and 

the electrical utility industry.

Preserving the history of lineman and the 
electrical utility industry.
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