Each year the International Lineman’s Museum solicits and collects entries for candidates to be considered for induction into the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame.

Entries are collected throughout the year and judging is done by the Museum’s Board of Directors. Inductees are selected in the fourth quarter of each calendar year,  publicly announced in the Spring, and formally inducted at the APPA Awards Banquet.

A maximum of six inductees may be chosen for each incoming inductee class.


The Entry Process

A lineman may be nominated by their fellow peers, supervisors, friends, family and others for this honor. Each entry should include a written essay describing the nominees life, industry work history, achievements or accomplishments to the industry, as well as any community service.

Each nominee is judged on their accomplishments and contributions to the electrical industry, their work history, their relationships with co-workers, as well as their service to the industry and their community. The winners are those individuals that have continually exceeded the call of duty and exemplify those qualities that show the true nature of the Brotherhood of Linemen.

If an nominee is not selected for induction for a particular year, then they are automatically eligible for consideration for the following year. Nominations can be revised – additional information added –  if you wish before the next years deadline.

The winning individuals chosen are inducted each year at the APPA Rodeo Banquet by the Board of Directors as a way to honor each individual for their outstanding contributions to the electrical industry – both past and present. Their name will also be engraved on an eight foot monument outside of the museum.

 Requirements Checklist:

Essay or letters explaining contributions made by nominee’s during his/her career. 2 pages+

6 or more photos of nominee, both working and personal. Sorry, we cannot return photos.

3 Non-family references

Optional: Any additional information you wish to include.