Thomas Quinton Slyter

Thomas Slyter began his career in linework as a groundman for Great Southwestern Construction in New Mexico. Over the course of his career he held other titles, including apprentice, journeyman, foreman, and general foreman, OSHA authorized outreach trainer, and first Aid/CPR instructor. His career took him from New Mexico to Arizona and then on to California where he currently works as a journeyman for the high-voltage construction company Hampton Tedder, Inc. in Los Angeles.

Thomas has performed in the high-voltage, high risk outside line industry for many years and has been recognized for his expertise when he was invited to demonstrate live-line bare handing 500,000 volts for the documentary Dangermen: Half million volt workers. Thomas’s commitment to safety led him to become an OSHA instructor, and he often remains a mentor to his students long after they have been certified.

His dedication to helping those new to linework can be seen in his company. Lineworker’s Consulting, LLC, which focuses those new to the field by providing advice on training, licensure, certifications, employment, apprenticeships, career path, tools, equipment, and much more. Thomas also developed the first mobile application for lineworkers, Lineman Guide, which contains valuable photos, charts, diagrams, and specifications that lineman depend on for daily task such as rigging, knots, rope capacities, and transformers. This app has been so well received throughout the industry, both in the US and around the world, that it is mandatory on foreman smartphones in many companies.