T.F. Johnson

T.F. Johnson graduated from Georgia Tech in 1908 as a mechanical engineer and returned to Tech in 1910 for the electrical engineering degree. He began working for Georgia Railway and Power Company that same year. He started out rolling a wheelbarrow at the Fulton county plant before moving to a repair shop and then the railway department. He worked with the Northern Contracting Company as they built the Tallulah Falls transmission line after their completion was turned over to Georgia Railway and Power Company along with lines.

It was at this point that he was appointed superintendent of transmission and distribution. He still held the position in 1917 when the Georgia Railway and Power Company was the first company in the world to repair and work on power lines of 110,000 volts and below without shutting of the current for even a second.

During his years of innovation he developed the Johnson clamp, a tool for removing and changing insulators on towers and poles, and a detector for broken insulators that could be used by man on the ground. Mr. Johnson patented many on his innovative tools for hotline work and many went into immediate production and use outside the company.