Huel Gunter

Huel Gunter began his career in linework in 1972 working for Georgia Power Co.  He worked on distribution and transmission lines, performing live line maintenance on voltages from 4kV to 500kV using hot stick, rubber glove, and bare hand methods.  In 1984, Huel moved began work with A.B. Chance as an International Live Line Specialist.  Huel was responsible for designing and implementing training and safety programs and holding live line demonstrations and seminars around the world.  He continued this work with White Rubber Corp in 1993, and later joined Salisbury in 2006.  During the course of his career, Huel has worked in 47 states, 52 countries, and 6 continents, all without a major safety incident, and this included training done through interpreters.  His training work helped revolutionize the power industry in many of the countries he visited.  Huel currently serves as Senior Product Specialist at Salisbury, Subject Matter Expert for ASTM, NAPF-70, OSHA, and liaison for the NJATC.