Harvey Haven

Harvey Haven  was born March 23, 1941, the same say the Bonneville-Grand Coulee line was energized.  The army veteran joined Bonneville Power Administration as a groundman in Spokane, WA in 1964.  He rose in the ranks at BPA and took his own time to educate himself, earning certificates in electrical engineering, power-line design, and power-line construction.

With five lineman electrocution deaths in Haven’s first five years with BPA, he knew that safety was something he was passionate about improving.  This led to his development of the famous “dirt box” teaching aid, essentially a scale model that could show exactly what happened when you weren’t properly grounding while you worked by using a lightbulb to illustrate when current would flow through a lineman’s body.

In 1994, thirty years after joining BPA, Harvey Haven retired as Chief Safety Officer.  Even at 73 he’s still writing BPA’s safety newsletter and teaching classes in safety, rigging, grounding, and more at the Technical Training Center in Vancouver, WA.  Haven has been teaching across the country since before he retired from BPA in 1994, and lineman can be found across the country who know and admire him.

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