With the help of the supportive lineman brotherhood,
no goal is too far out of reach.

The International Lineman’s Museum and Hall of Fame has preserved the relics of the electrical industry for many years, displaying it for all to see. Over the years, the collection has grown so much that it is now time to expand.

By supporting the International Lineman Museum & Hall of Fame, you are preserving pieces of history that quite literally, built our country into the powerhouse that it is. Our infrastructure is an engineering marvel that should be not only be remembered but also honored in the same way we honor those that built it.

Through our individual and corporate sponsorships, you can play a part in preserving the history that we hold so dear.


From buying a single brick to to raising money for one of ILM’s fundraising campaign, we want to empower anyone to support the International Lineman Museum in their community and take action when it counts.


The International Lineman Museum has several ways to get involved. Whether you’re looking to implement an employee match program, or sponsor the next Hall of Fame dinner, there’s a wealth of opportunities out there!


Got Swag? Visit the Museum Shop, look into donation opportunities or share the story of the International Lineman’s Museum and Hall of Fame via social media.